Thursday, September 25, 2014


Two Men and a Truck arrived this afternoon, delivering an awesome Vulcan stove for our commercial kitchen!
Two guys had managed to load it from a garage with a steep driveway, but they called in reinforcements to help unload it.   Josh wondered how the heck just two of them were able to get it loaded by themselves. It has 6 burners a griddle and two ovens - it is a behemoth!
Four men expertly unloading the Vulcan. This range came from gourmet friends who used it for many years in their home kitchen but were remodeling with something smaller.  They kindly thought of us and our Commercial Kitchen project! We didn’t think we would be able to afford a commercial range until well after the bakery part of the kitchen was finished and earning revenue. How wonderful we won’t have to retrofit the space for a stove!
Zinnie supervises.
The range is carefully wheeled through the doorway.
The strong moving crew in front of the beautiful range, set in a temporary spot  in the barn.  These fellows will be back in a month or so when the kitchen construction, plumbing and wiring are completed, to move it into its designated place.
Maybe we will celebrate by making them some wood-fired pizza! 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fall Farm Wedding

Yesterday was one of our happiest events of the summer at Squash Blossom Farm - the wedding of our two former interns, Bethany and Brendan. We are tickled to have played a small role in this love story and to provide the setting for its culmination in marriage!

Bethany and Brendan lived with us for five months three years ago and were integrally involved in many aspects of the farm, from bread-making to gardening to cow-milking and coop-cleaning. So, it was delightful and appropriate that they took many farm photos in their fancy wedding garb.
Cleaning a cow shed is a good test of whether you can get through deep manure together!
Bethany and Brendan always volunteer for coop-cleaning duty when they visit --but we made sure the coop was impeccable this time before they arrived for the wedding.
Another good rule for marriage: when life gives you muck, wear muck boots!
Calf break.
The pampas grass makes a dramatic wedding portrait background.


Minutes away from becoming husband and wife.

In the meanwhile guests arrive,

sign the  guestbook and write messages on cloth for a prayer flag banner

Gifts are deposited in the Willys truck.

Brendan’s sister performed a gorgeous original composition for the wedding ceremony.

Brendan and his parents proceed toward the ceremony.

Bethany and her parents ready to proceed.

The farm stage makes a lovely  wedding venue. The ceremony...

the ring...

husband and wife...


the kiss!

Tears of joy...

laughs of joy!

Time to bustle up the dress and party!

The canoe bar -- perfect for a pair of wilderness camp staff.
Brendan had brewed delectable beers and mead for the wedding.

Bethany wore her grandmother's wedding dress, which her mother and aunt were also married in!

Lucky and happy groom!

Our talented daughters, Sara and Cadence, planned, prepared and presented the food, made from local, organic and farm ingredients. Special thanks to our WWOOFing intern Lynnette and friends Miriam and Betsy for their invaluable assistance.

The chefs.

Everyone seemed absolutely delighted by the food. Many people told me it was the best food they have ever eaten at a wedding.

We made 60 wood-fired pizzas.

Sara made 20 scrumptious pies in assorted flavors for dessert - inspired by the bee theme of the two B’s, Bethany and Brendan, served with organic vanilla ice cream.

FInally, a beehive pinata, filled with honey candies.

If a beautiful wedding, surrounded by loving family and friends in a wholesome, picturesque place can portend a happy future, Bethany and Brendan should have a wonderful life together indeed! Congratulations, dear Brendan and Bethany!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Farm Breakfast

Rog sent me out to the garden and greenhouse this morning to  harvest soem greens, herbs and nasturtiums for his special breakfast concoction.
The nasturtiums and alpine strawberries are thriving in the aquaponics towers.
Breakfast consisted of  a frittata  slathered with pureed garden tomatoes and chives and a bit of homemade mozzarella, covered in greens (baby chard, nasturtium leaves, beet greens and mizuna) and served with Rog’s wood-fired sourdough toast. So pretty!
A peek under the greens. Thanks. babe! Thanks LaFonda and chickens!